A City Under Water

When a sudden downpour left residents underwater, we helped the city’s utility department stay connected to tens of thousands of customers in dire need of assistance.

The Situation

In the Spring of 2021, the Midwestern United States experienced a significant rain event producing seven inches of water over a span of four to five hours, resulting in tremendous flooding across the area. Sewage and drain systems were overloaded. Residents’ homes were flooded. Highways were deemed impassable, and a major city was placed under a state of emergency. Assistance was needed fast.

Our client, the city’s Water & Sewage Department, was appointed as the contact for the city. As the water continued to rise, so did the number of calls to their main customer support number and their emergency line- an astounding 930% increase in inbound call traffic over their daily average. They knew they would need help handling this unprecedented spike in call volume.

The Solution

Our cloud engineers assessed the performance of their existing system. Within hours, our team reconfigured their inbound call routing to more efficiently handle the influx of calls ensuring all customers received the support they needed in the moment.

We then developed a suite of proactive notifications and outbound call campaigns designed to keep the city’s populace informed of the availability and timing of services. Leveraging IBM Watson text-to-speech technology, we streamlined the approval process, reducing the outbound implementation cycle from days to hours.

The Result

Our client understood that purposeful and proactive communication was critical to the city’s recovery efforts. And their swift action paid off. With Waterfield as their trusted partner, residents received timely notifications leading to:

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