Is Your Contact Center Ready for the Back to School Rush?

August 15, 2022/ Under Contact Center,

For retailers, the lazy days of summer are anything but. It seems as soon as summer begins, it’s already time to start planning for the inevitable surge that comes with back-to-school shopping. And then when that rush subsides, the one-two punch of Black Friday and the holiday shopping season is right around the corner!

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inflation wall

Pivot Your Business Now to Survive the Inflation Wall

July 20, 2022/ Under Caller Elected Callback, Contact Center,

When we hit a wall and can’t go any further, we need to pause, assess the situation, and then adapt and figure out where we can pivot.

Businesses in every industry are now hitting the inflation wall and must deal with it. As a result, inflationary pressures are driving the need for organizations to be more efficient with their dollars.

What can businesses do to offset rising costs?

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attract new agents

Tips to Attract New Agents (And Keep the Ones You Have)

June 3, 2022/ Under Workforce Optimization,

Agent turnover is an issue businesses in every industry are dealing with more than ever. New employees are being hired and trained but then try it out for a week and leave. And that’s if they even show up at all. Businesses are losing money and time.

Why is this happening, and what can you do to prevent it? How can you set your business apart from others to attract the best agents and keep them along with the ones you have? 

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conversational ai gets clever

Conversational AI Gets Clever

May 27, 2022/ Under Conversational AI, Kerry Robinson,

At Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, much of the keynote was dedicated to advances in conversational AI.

The segment was split between new capabilities for Google Assistant, which is a conversational AI tool that you can use today, and LaMDA, Google’s research program that’s creating the conversational AI of the future.

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IVR Analytics and Reporting

April 27, 2022/ Under Contact Center, IVA,

To get the most from your IVR, you need to know exactly what’s going on within it at all times – and the key to total IVR visibility is comprehensive reporting.

A great IVR is one where any problems or bottlenecks are swiftly and elegantly fixed before the performance suffers. But it’s extremely hard to proactively fix issues that you can’t see.
That’s where reporting comes in. 

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AI can’t solve your customer service problem. Here’s why.

April 4, 2022/ Under Contact Center, Conversational AI,

Everyone’s talking about AI. Like “the cloud” numerous years ago, if your product isn’t powered by AI, forget it. If you believe everything you read, you’d think AI is the answer to everything from driverless cars (which it is) to natural and engaging chatbots, intelligent assistants, and IVR systems (which, unfortunately, it isn’t).

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Start With the Caller: Why UX Research is Vital to Great IVR

March 11, 2022/ Under Contact Center, Conversational AI,

Too many IVRs are developed without giving due thought to the callers who use them. Here’s why it pays to do user experience (UX) research.

Steve Jobs famously said:

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology – not the other way around.

Yet for many companies designing and developing interactive voice response (IVR) systems, that user experience is an afterthought – if it’s considered at all.

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How Voice Biometrics Keep Your Contact Center Secure

March 3, 2022/ Under Contact Center,

In this day and age, passwords are no longer enough.

If you’ve ever watched a spy movie, you’ve seen things like vaults and secret rooms protected by multi-factor authentication such as facial verification, fingerprint recognition, and retinal scanning. It’s usually the madman trying to bring down the world that uses these tools. He’s uber-rich, so of course, he could afford it.

This type of technology used to seem like something only imaginable in the context of a high-budget action film, and on top of that would only be available to the billionaire villain character. But over the years, these things have become less fictional concepts and no longer out of reach. Every time you pick up your smartphone, your face gets scanned to authenticate you as the rightful owner of the device and the information on it. Or maybe you have an older model that recognizes your fingerprint. Things we once thought of as unaffordable and unobtainable are now part of everyday life. And we’ve gotten to the point where we don’t even think twice about it.


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8 Steps to a Brilliant Bot Strategy

February 28, 2022/ Under Conversational AI,

It’s time to build a Bot Strategy. Are you ready?

Now I’m going to cover how to do that. How to build a bot strategy that suits you, and your business.

This is not trial and error, nor a 1-day workshop delivered by a tech partner to convince you to buy their stuff. This is a 6-8 week process. There are 8 steps.

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Want Your IVR to Perform Like Alexa or Google Assistant? Here’s How You Do It.

February 15, 2022/ Under Conversational AI, IVA,

Consumer expectations are being set by voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. We interact with this technology every day. So do business leaders. We often hear clients complain that their own voice channels pale in comparison to the voice assistants offered by tech giants. Frequently, they assume the solution is investing in new technology.

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