How Voice Biometrics Keep Your Contact Center Secure

March 3, 2022/ Under Contact Center,

In this day and age, passwords are no longer enough.

If you’ve ever watched a spy movie, you’ve seen things like vaults and secret rooms protected by multi-factor authentication such as facial verification, fingerprint recognition, and retinal scanning. It’s usually the madman trying to bring down the world that uses these tools. He’s uber-rich, so of course, he could afford it.

This type of technology used to seem like something only imaginable in the context of a high-budget action film, and on top of that would only be available to the billionaire villain character. But over the years, these things have become less fictional concepts and no longer out of reach. Every time you pick up your smartphone, your face gets scanned to authenticate you as the rightful owner of the device and the information on it. Or maybe you have an older model that recognizes your fingerprint. Things we once thought of as unaffordable and unobtainable are now part of everyday life. And we’ve gotten to the point where we don’t even think twice about it.


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8 Steps to a Brilliant Bot Strategy

February 28, 2022/ Under Conversational AI,

It’s time to build a Bot Strategy. Are you ready?

Now I’m going to cover how to do that. How to build a bot strategy that suits you, and your business.

This is not trial and error, nor a 1-day workshop delivered by a tech partner to convince you to buy their stuff. This is a 6-8 week process. There are 8 steps.

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Want Your IVR to Perform Like Alexa or Google Assistant? Here’s How You Do It.

February 15, 2022/ Under Conversational AI, IVA,

Consumer expectations are being set by voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. We interact with this technology every day. So do business leaders. We often hear clients complain that their own voice channels pale in comparison to the voice assistants offered by tech giants. Frequently, they assume the solution is investing in new technology.

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A Conversation About Conversational AI

December 14, 2021/ Under Conversational AI,

Alexa, Black Friday, and boiled tea(?) – A chat with an expert.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Sarah Reitsma, Director of UI at Waterfield Technologies, to discuss conversational AI in the contact center and how it is helping industries of all sizes and types provide better user experiences, streamline processes, and meet the expectations of today’s customer.

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Avaya Engage: Meet the Team!

December 3, 2021/ Under Events, Partners,

Avaya Engage is almost here! This communication tech conference is your one-stop-shop for all things Avaya. Our team here at Waterfield couldn’t be more excited to head down to Orlando. If you are going, keep an eye out for these faces, and be sure to stop by our booth #246 to say hi! Here’s a little about everyone:

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Top 5 Questions About E911 Compliance

November 24, 2021/ Under Contact Center, Services, Support,

You’ve likely been hearing a lot about Enhanced 911, or “E911,” lately and may be unsure about some things regarding your organization’s compliance. How can you be absolutely certain your organization is compliant with the laws and mandates? Which laws apply to your situation? What about remote workers?

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Waterfield Tech Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage

November 18, 2021/ Under Contact Center, Partners,

Waterfield Tech, a global leader in contact center technology solutions, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. The partnership enables Google Cloud customers to tap into Waterfield’s deep expertise in customer experience design, voice application development, and leading managed services program making it easy for organizations to launch natural, conversational experiences.

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3 Real-World Examples Of Contact Center AI

The customer experience can make or break your business. A positive experience will go a long way toward keeping customers satisfied and loyal. A poor experience, however, can damage your brand beyond repair. (Unsatisfied customers will share their opinions with anyone who will listen!)


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E911: Know the Laws and Why You Need to Be Compliant

July 27, 2021/ Under Contact Center, Services,

Kevin Kito is the President and CEO of 911 Secure. Kevin has been in the Enhanced 911 (E911) industry for over 15 years.  

For businesses, it is crucial to ensure that workers dialing 9-1-1 using their company-wide communication devices can be located in an emergency. However, with the “office” no longer confined to a single physical location, that becomes a challenge. There are more remote workers than ever before. Many organizations are permanently adopting the work-from-anywhere model following restrictions put into place resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Conversational AI for Everyone: Conversational Design Beyond Jargon

June 28, 2021/ Under Conversational AI,

In our human history, there are benchmarks that heralded our difference from many other creatures on this planet. Some of these benchmarks include discovering cooking and herbal medicine, forging iron, copper, and steel, or shifting from foraging to agriculture. Even before all of these, at some point, we began to talk and communicate in layered and specific ways. Communication was probably first physical (haptic) and visual (look at the cave paintings at Lascaux, France as concrete examples), and verbal in a basic sense. 

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