Healthcare IVR Case Study

A More Human Experience Delivers Roi In Just 7 Months For Healthcare Clinics Chain

CUSTOMER: A major US-based chain of healthcare clinics.

THE SITUATION: Skilled agents were spending a significant amount of time responding to basic information requests, meaning callers that genuinely required personal assistance faced long wait times.

WHAT WATERFIELD TECH DELIVERED: A customer-centric IVR that provides friendly, intelligent self-service for common tasks, and rapid routing to an appropriate agent for more complex queries.

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How the Customer has benefited...

The Challenge

An Automated IVR That customers Find friendly, Easy and Convenient.

The client’s aims were simple—get more calls answered faster and automate basic inquiries so they stopped taking up time that agents could devote to more urgent or complex calls. We knew that by making the experience as simple, human, and efficient as possible for both customers and contact center agents, we could help everyone get the answers they need and reach the appropriate resolutions, fast. We suggested making better use of customer data to personalize the IVR experience for each caller. That meant intelligently providing callers with tailored options upfront when they arrive in the automated system. It also meant providing agents with the right data for when a caller is routed to them – reducing repeat calls and repeated requests for information during calls.

When any customer picks up the phone, they want to feel like someone on the other end of the line understands them and knows how to help. This is especially true in healthcare, where callers’ issues are often personal, sensitive and urgent.

So, when tasked with helping a major retail pharmacy build an intelligent IVR for its chain of healthcare clinics, we had our work cut out. But, thanks to Waterfield Tech’s unique approach to building natural, smart IVR experiences using field research, conversational design, persona development and data-driven personalization, we delivered the right solution.

With our help, the client was able to increase customer satisfaction to five-star levels while completely automating around a third of all calls to the contact center. The result? The new, customer-centric IVR delivered a full ROI in just seven months.

The Solution

A Customercentric Ivr That Provides Friendly, Intelligent Self-service.

Our first step was to undertake an exploratory discovery exercise. We spent three days observing contact center agents and analyzing calls to identify patterns, decode customer language, and get a true picture of what the new system needed to be able to handle. When we were certain we understood customers’ needs, had a solid handle on the kind of language callers were using, and had identified an appropriate persona for the IVR, we began prototyping. By starting with low-fi prototypes, reworking them based on feedback, and rolling out a functional prototype we could build the final IVR iteratively, testing and learning as we progressed.

It was this iterative process that enabled us to build the right persona for the IVR, one which felt inherently trustworthy, human and understanding. By seeking customer feedback at every stage during development, we were confident that customers would warm to the finished product.

Today, callers encounter an intelligent, customer-centric IVR that delivers self-service for common tasks:

  • Finding the nearest clinic, address, opening hours and wait times
  • Services offered by location
  • Treatment costs
  • Vaccine availability by location

It also quickly and intelligently routes the following call types to the most appropriate agent:

  • Payments and billing inquiries
  • Appointments
  • Registration
  • Insurance questions
The Results

Happier Customers And Tangible Savings

The result was faster, friendlier, and more convenient service for every caller. The entire experience has been designed to meet the real needs of clinic customers, providing the answers they need – or putting them in touch with the right person – fast.

Our client realized fantastic business benefits, including:

  • Around 30% reduction in call-handling volumes by contact center agents
  • Registration
  • Insurance questions

The system is now live and in operation, but that doesn’t mean Waterfield Tech’s work is over. By monitoring and analyzing current usage, we can identify changing needs over time, ensuring the IVR continues to deliver the best possible customer experience for years to come.

Key Lessons Learned

Companies looking to improve or upgrade their IVR experience can learn the following key lessons from this implementation:

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  • Your dialog design: does it get callers what they need, fast?
  • Your on-hold experience: is it helpful, or excruciating?
  • Cross-channel integrations: can callers’ complete inquiries in other channels?
  • Areas that require immediate and longer-term attention

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