Xcelerate Changelog

September 2021 v 1.4

Release 1.4 introduces Time-based Routing functionality. Time-based Routing (TBR) allows administrators and supervisors to dynamically control messaging and routing within the application instantly- without impact to the overall configuration of the app..

July 2021 v 1.3

The news ticker management table now includes enabled columns and expandable rows. Additionally, when users create a new canned response, they will automatically be directed to a newly created canned response page.

June 2021 v 1.2

The canned responses feature is now available for agents to use in customer interactions. Canned responses are prewritten and customized responses to everyday conversations and can only be managed or modified by an admin or supervisor. Disposition management is also now available. Each task should have one disposition assigned at the end of each interaction, and an admin can manage available dispositions. Additionally, contact tracing is now called history. A canned response now populates the correct data when edited, and scrolling and formatting issues have been resolved.

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