Xcelerate Changelog

December 6, 2021 v 1.5.1

    Resolved an issue where the Time Based Routing (TBR) Action Type: Number Transfer fails to route the customer to the intended number if the caller is at a timezone different from the timezone originally used to set up the event.
    Resolved an issue where deleting a TBR event in a local timezone shows a different event deleted when another timezone is selected.
    Resolved an issue where a caller can still hear a Text To Speech (TTS) audio when calling at a time where a TBR event was previously deleted.
    Resolved an issue where users can only update or edit newly-created TBR events. There should now be an option to also update previously-created events.

November 26, 2021 v 1.5.0

New Time Based Routing (TBR) Optional Message, Audio, and Action Type, Number Transfer has been added. The optional message and action types for TBR easily let administrators define the course of action of calls when customers call outside office hours.

Play an Audio for Your Customers In addition to the current Text-To-Speech (TTS) optional message, administrators can now opt to select Audio and attach an audio file that will play during the TBR call. Examples of audio that you can attach are company advertisement jingles or classic hold music.

Automatically Transfer Your Customer to Another Department The new action type, Number Transfer, gives you the option to transfer customers to another number. This can apply to customers that need to be transferred to a different department such as those who called in with billing concerns but got routed to technical support.

The following Time Based Routing (TBR) features have been added:

    The Optional Message: Audio has been added to let users add an audio file when creating a new TBR event.
    The Action Type: Number Transfer has been added to let users set up a TBR event that automatically transfers customers to another number.
Previously, the Time Based Routing (TBR) preview box can only be closed by clicking the cancel button. Users now have the option to close this preview box by clicking anywhere on the screen
Recurring TBR schedules can now be edited from the calendar view. Updates will be reflected in the associated Studio Flows where applicable.

Time Based Routing (TBR):

    Resolved an issue where a newly-created TBR event appears at the wrong date in the calendar.
    Resolved an issue where an error message unnecessarily displays upon transferring the customer to another number when using the TBR Action Type: Number Transfer.
    Resolved an issue where the TBR preview box still shows up even after a user selects a different date.
    Resolved an issue where the TBR calendar incorrectly displays the user-defined month. Resolved an issue where the previously selected month is displayed when updating a TBR event.
    Resolved an issue where after deleting a TBR event, a new event fails to create in its place.
    Resolved an issue where a recently deleted event is still displayed in the TBR calendar after a new event has been created in its place.
    Resolved an issue where the Edit and Delete options unnecessary appear when a user previews a TBR event.
    Resolved an issue where the call gets disconnected when a customer calls in at a time with no existing TBR event.
    Resolved an issue where a user is able to create a TBR event set it in the past. New TBR events should only be created with a schedule set at a future date or time.

Resolved general Xcelerate user interface issues.

November 16, 2021 v 1.4.4

Supervisors and administrators now have the option to hide the Agent SSO Management page.

The Agent SSO Management page allows supervisors and administrators to set up new agent profiles in the Xcelerate platform as well as manage permissions of user profiles.

To hide the Agent SSO Management page, go to the Initialize Config menu and simply toggle off enableAgentOnboarding.

November 9, 2021 v 1.4.3

Resolved an issue where the Text-To-Speech (TTS) audio doesn’t play when a customer calls in and the Time Based Routing (TBR) schedule is set to user-defined timezones.
Resolved an issue where the TBR calendar doesn't properly display a recurring event when a user updates the timezone.
Resolved an issue where the TBR Start Date and End Date display incorrectly when setting up a new event.

October 14, 2021 v 1.4.2

Resolved an issue where a new user is unable to create a new Time-Based Routing (TBR) event.

October 9, 2021 v 1.4.1

The Action-Type: None has been added to allow users to set up a Time-based Routing (TBR) event without the addition of any specific action.

October 4, 2021 v 1.4

Release 1.4 introduces Time-based Routing functionality. Time-based Routing (TBR) allows administrators and supervisors to dynamically control messaging and routing within the application instantly- without impact to the overall configuration of the app..

July 2021 v 1.3

The news ticker management table now includes enabled columns and expandable rows. Additionally, when users create a new canned response, they will automatically be directed to a newly created canned response page.

June 2021 v 1.2

The canned responses feature is now available for agents to use in customer interactions. Canned responses are prewritten and customized responses to everyday conversations and can only be managed or modified by an admin or supervisor. Disposition management is also now available. Each task should have one disposition assigned at the end of each interaction, and an admin can manage available dispositions. Additionally, contact tracing is now called history. A canned response now populates the correct data when edited, and scrolling and formatting issues have been resolved.

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