Waterfield Tech Announces Exciting Application of Twilio-Flex with Xcelerate to help travel and reservation organizations get a head start to quickly build and move to a cloud contact center tailored to the way they work.

November 15, 2022/ By Angela McPherson/ Under

According to the US Travel Association, domestic leisure travel spending has already exceeded pre-pandemic levels. Domestic business travel volume is expected to reach pre-pandemic levels of 96% in 2023. International inbound travel is also making a big comeback, aided by the drop in pre-departure Covid testing. That’s why Waterfield Tech is announcing an exciting application of the Twilio Flex solution with Xcelerate designed to help travel agencies and reservation organizations quickly address growing demand and the time, effort, and staffing it takes to improve contact center infrastructures.

Travel organizations are looking more closely at their customer engagement platforms to reduce infrastructure and operating costs, together with call handle and deployment times. Delayed or canceled flights during heavier travel seasons this year contributed to increasing chaos experienced by customers and supporting organizations. Furthermore, a recent study by Forrester’s US 2022 Customer Experience Index showed that nearly 20% of brands saw a drop in customer experience quality which is a reverse in gains garnered in 2021 and could cost organizations brand loyalty and repeat business.

Waterfield Tech helps organizations deploy cloud omnichannel platforms such as Twilio Flex with Xcelerate for a better customer, supervisor, and agent experience to help organizations future-proof their business. This leading cloud programmable contact center platform allows customer experience leaders to own their own roadmap and to actively evolve differentiated customer experiences. Twilio-Flex, together with Xcelerate, simplifies deployment and provides agent and supervisor tools needed to support their business with speed, agility, and efficiency.

Clients deploying these cloud solutions will skip the upfront development and get up and running fast with prebuilt features and integrations with complete control to customize and adapt to their individual contact center. These solutions uniquely free them from the limitations of packaged SaaS applications or requiring long development timelines for change requests or carrying overhead to support legacy systems. With Xcelerate, organizations have even more flexibility, features, configurations, and functionality, positioning them well for the future of Twilio-Flex.

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New Waterfield Tech Research: Customer Experience Leaders Lag Significantly in Deploying Conversational AI in the Contact Center, Forfeiting Critical Business Benefits

November 1, 2022/ By Angela McPherson/ Under

Despite current low adoption, AI viewed as vital contact center technology to mitigate effects of

soaring inflation and staffing shortages, deliver a superior brand experience

BOSTON, Nov. 1, 2022 – Waterfield Tech, a leading global customer engagement solutions provider, today announced research findings detailing a significant lag in the adoption of conversational AI in the contact center.

The study, which was conducted among senior customer experience and technology leaders across several industries, looked to understand the trends, challenges, aspirations and expectations around customer experience. The broad adoption of conversational AI for customer experience has been crucially delayed – despite AI’s potential to have a demonstrable positive impact on business and customer satisfaction metrics.

For an infographic that illustrates the findings from Waterfield Tech’s research further, visit https://solutions.waterfieldtech.com/top-contact-center-trends-for-2023.

Gartner’s “2022 CEO Survey — The Year Perspectives Changed” revealed 91.5% of leading businesses invest in AI on an ongoing basis. However, only 14% of Waterfield’s respondents say they’ve implemented conversational AI specifically, which includes natural language processing – the ability of machines to understand what people are saying (e.g., virtual assistants such as Siri or Alexa) and respond appropriately. These findings come as Gartner anticipates a 25% increase in 2023 customer satisfaction scores among organizations that use AI.

“When it comes to technology for driving superior customer experiences, AI implementation is lagging – and the missed opportunities are significant,” said Steve Kezirian, CEO of Waterfield Tech. “With AI, and specifically conversational AI, businesses can quickly and effectively address contact center staffing shortages and lower costs by enabling value-driven self-service that reduces the volume of human-agent interactions. Conversational AI can deliver an exceptional customer experience while enabling companies to more efficiently deploy their human and financial capital.”

Additional findings from Waterfield Tech’s research include:

The Value of Investing in the Contact Center

Respondent’s primary initiatives for improving the contact center in 2023 include:

  • Improve overall contact center efficiency/flexibility (51%)
  • Get better data/analytics from systems (48%)
  • Only slightly more than a quarter (28%) of respondents mentioned “get smarter/better about workforce deployment.” But given the potential for economic headwinds and staffing shortages in 2023, this may become a heightened priority for contact center leaders in the months ahead.

SMS and Web Chat Gaining Traction

While most customer experience leaders continue to rely on traditional technologies like email and voice, SMS and Web chat are gaining traction. When asked about the technologies used in their contact centers, respondents said:

  • 87% are using email
  • 80% are using voice
    • Voice is the top option in financial services and telecommunications/utilities, with 93% and nearly 86% of respondents, respectively, saying they use this technology in their contact center
  • 57% are using SMS
  • 48% are using Web chat

People Who Need “People”

Despite a minority (28%) of customer experience leaders deploying virtual agents, they recognize the benefits of this human-centric approach to the contact center experience. These leaders report looking to virtual agents to not only improve their business outcomes but to create a more emotional connection with customers. When asked, “What is the most important task a virtual agent can accomplish for your business?” the top four responses were:

  • Answer simple questions (e.g., “Resolving the FAQ to take this communication off staff responsibility”)
  • Fun/Make customers happy and satisfied (e.g., “Make the customer happy”)
  • Customer service/retention (e.g., “Solve problems while discovering opportunities”)
  • Handle more volume/speed (e.g., “Handle more inquiries at once”)

Industry-specific Insights:

  • Financial services: Respondents reported the top two initiatives for improving the contact center in 2023 were overall efficiency and introducing new channels. 72% of respondents say they’re developing a strategy or getting started with regard to AI. And, 50% indicated they “need to develop a strategy.” However, none of the respondents reported having yet implemented AI.
  • Telecommunications: 69% of respondents in the telecom industry believe conversational AI will have a major impact on customer service in the future, but 65% have not yet begun or are in the early stages of adoption.

The Contact Center Crystal Ball

When asked what the future holds for the modern contact center, respondents noted:

  • 50% say conversational AI is the most important technology of the future
  • 23% are exploring the Metaverse/Web 3.0

“It’s clear customer experience professionals not only desire but requires the ability to address contact center effectiveness, workforce issues, and business performance – and they realize conversational AI is an essential technology to help them get there. They now need to take the next step to reap the benefits,” Kezirian said.

Survey methodology: In fall 2022, Waterfield Tech conducted an email survey of 118 senior leaders in roles including customer experience and technology across a variety of industries, such as telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, travel, utilities, and others.


About Waterfield Tech

Waterfield Tech transforms customer engagement for organizations worldwide. Operating across six continents, our employees leverage a consultative, platform-agnostic approach to design, build, and manage scalable, omnichannel customer experience solutions. Our breakthrough innovations in contact center technology, automation (conversational AI), and workforce engagement reduce business costs, improve customer satisfaction, and help customers deploy a smarter utilization of the human workforce. To learn more, visit waterfieldtech.com.

Waterfield Tech Acquires VoxGen, Strengthening Its Position as a Leader in Conversational AI and CX Technology and Services

January 27, 2022/ By Angela McPherson/ Under

Today we announce that Voxgen, a UK-based leader in bot strategy and design, is now part of Waterfield Tech. The acquisition adds breadth and depth to our well-established practice- better enabling our team to address fast-growing opportunities in retail, healthcare, government, and other B2C sectors related to AI in the contact center.

“VoxGen will be an integral part of our conversational AI practice,” said Evan Jones, Chief Customer Officer at Waterfield Tech. “Companies, from mid-market to enterprise, are transforming how they do business, and their customers are at the center of this movement. VoxGen’s expertise in bot strategy and design will better enable our clients to connect with customers through a more comprehensive, personalized consumer experience.”

Our conversational AI practice will be led by Kerry Robinson, an Oxford physicist with a Masters in Artificial Intelligence and over 20 years of experience in conversational AI.  “I’m delighted to be teaming up with Waterfield Tech so we can help many more companies deliver an amazing customer experience and maximize the ROI from their investments in conversational AI. Whatever the platform.”

Read the full press release.

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Waterfield Tech Acquires Speech-Soft Solutions, Further Expanding Its Global Delivery Capabilities

January 4, 2022/ By Angela McPherson/ Under

Waterfield Tech, a premier contact center solutions firm dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that span the entire contact center, today announced it has acquired Speech-Soft Solutions (Speech-Soft), further expanding its global delivery capabilities. Speech-Soft is a global provider of digital transformation services across the contact center with a specialization in Cisco integration and support and is the driving force behind products including Komandex Reskiller, Cisco CCE Contact Center Portal, and EntrAI.

“Our team holds an unparalleled depth of expertise on nearly every platform and technology within the contact center today,” said Steve Kezirian, CEO of Waterfield Tech. “One of the biggest challenges companies face is understanding how to design their applications and stitch their technology together to enable great experiences for the customer and agent. Our expertise lies in our ability to understand the entire ecosystem and deploy a solution that meets the KPIs set for those systems, regardless of platform. With the addition of Speech-Soft, we’re doubling down on our commitment to helping our customers solve this challenge so they can deliver real value.”

Speech-Soft will operate as a division of Waterfield Tech and will continue to be led by current CEO JP Reddy, reporting to Kezirian.

“The entire team at Speech-Soft is very excited to join forces with Waterfield Tech,” said JP Reddy, co-founder and CEO of Speech-Soft Solutions. “The collective knowledge, insight, and talent between both companies are well-positioned to drive meaningful innovation in the contact center industry during these unprecedented times. We are ready to embark on this journey of growth and enthused about making a meaningful impact for all of our clients and CX delivery as a whole.”

Together, this acquisition will provide companies:

  • A broad geographic network of sales, delivery, and support with offices strategically positioned around the globe, including the US, UK, Philippines, and India.
  • Unmatched insight into the ever-changing landscape of contact center solutions.
  • The ability to break down technology barriers to help make their customer engagement more impactful across channels.
  • Access to one of the largest Cisco practices with an extensive portfolio of services, including design, development, managed services, and more.



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Waterfield Tech Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage

November 18, 2021/ By Angela McPherson/ Under

Waterfield Tech, a global leader in contact center technology solutions, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. The partnership enables Google Cloud customers to tap into Waterfield’s deep expertise in customer experience design, voice application development, and leading managed services program making it easy for organizations to launch natural, conversational experiences.

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Introducing Xcelerate, the Turnkey Solution to Deploying Twilio Flex

October 28, 2021/ By Angela McPherson/ Under

Waterfield Technologies, a global provider of customer engagement solutions, announced the launch of Xcelerate, a powerful solution designed to accelerate the go-to-market strategy and launch for businesses migrating to the Twilio Flex contact center platform. Deployed across several business verticals and formally unveiled at the Twilio SIGNAL conference, Xcelerate is the latest addition to the Waterfield Technologies suite of products.

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Waterfield Technologies Announces Appointment of New VP of Finance and Accounting

January 29, 2021/ By Cynthia Stryker/ Under

Vladimir Babiuc appointed VP of Finance and Accounting

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Waterfield Technologies Welcomes Steve Kezirian as Chief Executive Officer

October 6, 2020/ By Cynthia Stryker/ Under

Setting the stage for accelerated growth

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Waterfield Technologies Launches Jumpstart Services for Genesys PureEngage

May 12, 2020/ By Kimberley Drobny/ Under

Streamlining implementation and testing for new applications.

Waterfield Technologies (WTI), a leading contact center software and systems integrator providing mission critical voice and conversational AI solutions that drive customer engagement, announces the launch of their JumpStart Services for Genesys PureEngage. Waterfield’s JumpStart Services, acquired as part of the Forty 7 Ronin acquisition, provides a complete services package to help partners certify their AppFoundry applications quickly and efficiently.

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Waterfield Technologies, Well Positioned to Deliver Conversational AI Solutions

April 21, 2020/ By Kimberley Drobny/ Under

Opus Research ‘Vendors that Matter Series’

Tulsa, Oklahoma – April 21, 2020 –Waterfield Technologies (WTI), a leading enterprise software and professional services organization providing voice and conversational AI solutions that drive customer engagement, today launch with Opus Research, a report highlighting Waterfield Technologies as part of the ‘Vendors that Matter’ series.   This report examines the unique qualifications and agnostic approach of Waterfield Technologies in the market for delivering artificial intelligent (AI) solutions for the contact center.  Opus Research is a diversified advisory and analysis firm proving critical insight on software and services that support multimodal customer care. 

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